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BS metres at work

Where do you want me to make sense of that? Looking at the profit, loss and balance sheet but it all looks BS to you…your BS metre is running hot?
Want to know where the real money in your business is, because sure as hell you are working hard and quoting right. Want some information about your business you can and will understand

Fight left in the dog

Hey dog, got any fight left?

Ready to fight to make money in your business – well if you are keen then we are. Sick of not knowing what is going on and wanting to have an accountant that doesn’t bleed you out? But helps you to understand the next step? Got some fight in you – we mean really got that fight?

Nasty words

Scared of all those nasty words that float around business when it gets hard?
Working hard, you know there should be a profit in there somewhere? The bookkeeper and the accountant seems to have their own special language and you feel you aren’t in their loop – but you keep paying their bills.

Needle in a haystack

Finding profit is like finding a needle in a haystack.
Working hard, just paying bills, then paying tax and back to bills again? Your accountant hands you stuff to sign and all you do is pay the taxman again – I mean how much does Canberra really need?