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Aldi V Coles - A study in my “human behaviour” - And its not service that counts.

When someone wants to hand me a pile of data explaining why a person or group of people do something, my usual reaction is “Humans do one of two things, they either do what they did last time, or they do what everyone else is doing”. I’ve got that well simplified. But its not always true. I have started shopping at Aldi and the reasons I started had a lot to do with traffic flow. The reasons I like shopping at Aldi are the reasons I thought I wouldn’t like to shop there. Plus, there is a piece of theatre going on as well that I like.
So here are the reasons
1) To go to my usual supermarket, I need to negotiate around bad drivers (well they are in my way) and then journey on to home along a road that is getting more and more traffic. If I go a new way home, I follow a road that has clearways and the traffic moves along quite well. So, I pass Aldi, and because it seems that most people going there are only going there and not other shops there is a high turnover in the car park, and I c…

Be careful with how you tell others how you spend your money

Right now, banks will be completing analysis on their clients who have failed to meet their mortgage payments and will start to build profiles of those future clients fit this profile and they can decide that they don’t want that client. Now because your bank has access to your bank account for analysis, and often when you go for a loan you need a number of months of bank statements, credit cards etc you may not so much be judged on if you have a deposit (thanks Uncle and Auntie) or that your group certificate says that you can afford the loan, but by the spending habits you have.
There are some obvious no-no’s and start with your gambling ap that drags money from your bank account every time you use it, because you don’t win in gambling. Use it often and you start to head to a red flag. Then contact food deliveries, takeaway and even coffees probably can all add up to a judgement of who you are. (Living in Melbourne where you must drink coffee maybe that should not count). I have ch…

How much work can you get your clients to do for you

Let’s start with how much unpaid work have you been doing for businesses, especially multi-nationals. So you filled up your car with petrol, checked out your own groceries and make the payment unassisted, bought the airline ticket, checked yourself on to the plane along with your baggage (can I fly for you?) to doing the cash-out thing at the supermarket that really completed some of their banking and saved them a lot on lower levels of security. And you have been doing your government work and their agents work as well, you buy your own train tickets, place the rubbish bins the right way to save money on contractors and the big one, many complete their own tax return with MyGov (watch out they won’t take responsibility as the tax agent) and so you spend a lot of your day working for others. This can happen in your business and other businesses Working out what is acceptable can save you time and energy and you give better service even if your client is doing the work.
Its acceptable …

But.... it’s a good business model.

Uber is launching a public offering and each share will be worth about $47.00 a share. So that means the company will be worth truckloads above $75 billion US dollars. The company expects to lose money for years as it tries to dominate the market while investing in food delivery, electric bikes, freight and driverless cars (autonomous vehicles). The model is simple. They own the market, other people do the work and hand back a percentage for having their access to the market, dished out client by client. Sort of a happy arrangement where Uber don’t have to own anything like a fleet (at the moment – the driverless thing may be a different story) and someone driving doesn’t need to work out how to get a client. Two autonomous businesses. Until someone is not happy, in this case the drivers. They may be unhappy for a lot of reasons and all those reasons deal with money and what they get. So, the model does rely on the drivers behaving themselves – which generally happens and being happy…

Construction 2019

Nothing makes sense!
Does it feel like you hit a brick wall in your business?
Don’t really know if you are making a profit or not and tax just keeps hammering away Paying for bookkeeping and you don’t really know what it’s all about. Nothing makes sense. Want some real clarity? Don’t want to pay a fortune? Would you say $75.oo plus GST per week to have the accounts completed+ a cashflow statement and BAS completed is a good deal? And we even threw in Tax Shield for those chunky lumps of tax payments. Plus we will always have your business finance ready to go at any moment that is needed be to apply for finance. All this with no extra charge. Then why not call Fresh Numbers the accounting firm of Your Business Angels for a chat and ask for GAVIN. 
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or ********************************************** Finding profit is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Working hard, just paying bills, then paying tax and back to bills again? Your accountant…