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Preparing for survival – with Your Business Angels – Safe Harbour Program What is this “survival” for your business mean? Strategy for survival is to know that you must outlast the economic downturn, That’s it – outlast the economic downturn and recession. Survive and return to taxes, repayment of debt and the making of profit as your staff grows again. The Towards Safe Harbour program is operated from a closed Facebook group, where a working strategy and tactics are available for your business survival. You have access to a great team of strategists including Gavin Waring CEO of Your Business Angels who has spent the last 25 years helping floundering businesses to survive and thrive. “We built our businesses for a time and period like this” – Gavin Waring CEO There are corporate lawyers, employment specialists, creative marketers, and senior accountants all available. While the group is an open forum you can ask confidential questions. The strategies can be downloaded and fol…