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A Word on Dosh!

We are always in need of finance. There are the obvious ones, such as for a car, or for a home or an investment property. There is need for finance to buy equipment that can make a business more efficient, and there is cash flow finance that is needed to run a business. Often, as your accountants, we will help you look at finance to solve a problem, but now as our relationship matures in the finance market, let me give you a list of things we can help you with that doesn’t just relate to a tax debt. House Finance Look at where you are? Do you have a high interest rate because the only loan you could get at the time was a low-doc sort of loan? Perhaps we can find you something a bit more mainstream and save you on interest. If you have your accounts up-to-date, and a pretty clean ATO portal, then you should call us and see what we can do. Vehicle and Equipment Finance Looking at what you are driving and worried costs could start to impact…

It’s probably not saleable

Or is it? There is a possibility that you have a business because that’s the best way you had in getting a job. Many Tradies and others ended up with an ABN because that was a way to get a job, get on site and get working. Many are accidental business people because that “thing” that started in the garage ended up making more than the job and there was a conversion to the business. Perhaps a skill developed, you saw an idea and here you are running a business, fighting red tape (well we do a lot of that for you) and trying to get ahead. But consider this. If you can arrange the business to be of value, it also means that you have something saleable when you want to retire or try something else. It could be something as simple as the phone number that a lot of people will call because they want something done. Now not everyone will be in this position, but look at your business and have a think about it. For a lot of ABNs, it’s a way to work, but for many there may be something of val…

“No one’s paying” -well that’s what it feels like.

The building industry sucks right now! Getting paid has never been harder and not getting paid could ruin you soon-right? So let’s talk about debt collection and stuff you should know and practice…and it’s a blog worth reading to the end. What is the role of a solicitor in a Client Collect Debt? What process happens? What are the various options and how should the client adequately brief and instruct the solicitor? OK Let’s begin with the STARTING POINT –The Terms and Conditions DON’T JUST TAKE THE BUILDERS CONTRACT -SERVE UP ONE OF YOUR OWN ‘Terms and Conditions’ is a phrase that gets thrown around on the daily, and is most likely just the box you tick to speed up your booking process on the internet, without even reading what they actually are. But in this case, the Terms and Conditions with a client or customer is the document that dictates your relationship and sets your solicitor and client boundaries. The Terms and Conditions should oversee the following crucial items: Payment Terms…